How to Reset Gmail Account Without Phone Number If I Don’t Have or Lost Recovery Phone Number


In a Gmail for user benefits there are various facility provided by Google to troubleshoot Gmail sign in Issues that arises any time and user won’t get sign in to their Gmail account. As we know Gmail have a simple procedure to get sign in to our Gmail account. If a user have correctly entered their username and password into Gmail sign in page then they get success in Gmail sign in. If any how Gmail found error in username or password or both then user can’t get reach to their inbox.

If you want to get sign in to your Gmail account then the simple funda is to use correct email address and password. If any how you did not do it or forgot username or password or having any kind of sign in troubles then you can use Gmail password recovery procedure. There is no big issues in Gmail password recovery. Google provide the very simple recovery process to its user. There are no need to being experts for recovery. If you are new there after its possible to get reset your Gmail account just following the instruction mentioned on each column of recovery form. If you are little bit technical then you can easily reset your Gmail account once again.

What are the Available options to Get recover and reset our Gmail account :

In a Gmail user can do recovery with their phone number, alternate email address, previous password, security question answer and many more. But mostly people user their previous password and phone number to get recovery their password But they can also use all other options to get reset their Gmail account. As example if a user don’t have recovery phone number or lost it they can use previous password, recovery email and security question and get reset their account once again.

Take These Guidelines Seriously While You Are Going To Create New Password :

  • Whenever you are going to create a new password then make your password with the combination of alpha numeric character.
  • Never use your name, dob or beloved name as a password.
  • Password must be atleast 8 character long.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone.

How to do Recovery of My Gmail Account Without Phone Number :

  • Open Gmail sign in page
  • enter your username &  click on forgot password
  • it ask for do recovery with previous password so choose option i don’t know my password.
  • Now it ask for do phone verification so simply choose try with another question.
  • Choose recovery phone number and enter your alternate email address.
  • Now open that email address and click the link that has been sent by Google.
  • Now enter the code you have receive on your email and enter that code on provided filed and confirm it is ok.
  • Now you get an option to create new password so make a new password for your Gmail account.
  • confirm password once again.
  • Finish the recovery process.

You can also do recovery with answering security question that google ask to you and do recovery while you don’t have any thing. But if you have any troubles in doing recovery or need a technical experts for live support and solution then you can make a call on Gmail customer care support number and quickly get connected with technical experts who provide you support and solution for Gmail password recovery so you can do sign in once again with your Gmail account.


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