Won’t Receive New Messages In Gmail Get Help Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails or Has Stopped Appearing Any Messages?


Most of people uses Gmail account for free email services. This is the world number 1  email account over web. Mostly people uses for email sending and receiving purpose in their personal work. When we have to write a new mail we use compose emails and all emails that forwarded to our email address stored in Our Gmail inbox. Here is we seen bulk of messages that arrived in our inbox stored on primary, social and promotional tab provided in Gmail inbox.  But some messages also diverted in spam folder due to its suspicious characteristic.

What are the purposes of Primary, Social, and Promotional Tabs in Gmail Email:

In a Gmail all messages inboxed in Three Basic category primary, social and promotional. So If a new messages arrived in Gmail it is stored in relevant box.

Primary box : In a primary box all of the Important or useful messages send to us keep within primary tabs. This all messages are very important to user to know it.

Social Box : In a social tab all messages sent by a social networking sites are kept in social tab. This messages are lesser important to user.

Promotional : All of the promotional or marketing advertisement messages kept in a promotional tab.

 What are the Spam Messages:

In a Gmail If a new arriving emails are suspicious characteristic or spam contents or any malware. It kept into spam folder. when we have opened this folder we seen large number of messages kept in spam folder. Some time we found our important messages into its due to its contents or messages arriving form unknown sender.

Why We Won’t Receive New Messages Or Gmail Has Stopped Receiving Any Messages:

In a Gmail we have lesser seen the won’t receive any messages but some user have complaint of unable to receive new messages in their Gmail account, emails are not appearing in their inbox.  The reasons may be many. So user have patience and just follo

Messages Delayed: Some time our messages go delay so user has patience for their messages. After some time it reach to our Inbox then it will see in Our inbox.

Messages Diverted in Wrong Folder : some messages diverted to wrong folder i.e spam folder. while user looking on their primary inbox. This happens due to something overrule the Google term of policy or suspicious items.

Not Having Enough Space Message Overflow : Gmail provide15 GB data storage. In case of storagage full new messages don’t get space to store in Our inbox

Slow Internet Connection: If there are an issue in internet then we gets troubles in receive new messages.

Wrong Configuration of Our Phone : If you are using android, Iphone, Ipad for Gmail accessing and there are some issues on its settings we gets troubles in receiving emails.

If you are again facing troubles in receiving email just contact Gmail customer service technical team to get quick support and solution for arising issues and get the best treatment for your arising issues.


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