How to Add Filter In Gmail to Quick Sort Your Messages And How to Remove Filter in Gmail ?


Searching an important email from huge Gmail inbox messages is never an easy task. If you are not well organized your Gmail inbox then it’s become very time consuming and challenging job to you. Gmail  filter provide a process to reach to your important emails on behalf of some matching pattern or sorting word such has Filter from , to, subject, has the word, doesn’t have the word. So after creating filter your sorting query analyzes on a huge inbox data. It takes a movement and after all matching email shown to you.

In a Gmail filter also help the user to delete specific messages instantly while it reaches to your inbox or move to the specific label. So filter not only organized your emails but also is a quick process to reach to your important email. In a Gmail its very simple to create filter for your Gmail account. Below there are simple procedure to create filter in your Gmail account.

How to Add Filter  in Gmail to Quick Sort your Messages and How to Remove Them :

In a Gmail settings there are features of filter and blocked email address tab. It provide a features of filter. So if you have to apply filter in your Gmail just go to these settings and create a filter for your Gmail messages, provide the sorting keyword for them and apply the settings. If you don’t wanna use filter in your Gmail it also removed easily.

How to Create a New Filter for Your Gmail Account:

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Go to the settings
  • Now go to the filter and blocked address tab.
  • Now click on create filter
  • Add your filter query such as  filter from, To, subject, Has the words, Doesn’t have the words,etc.
  • Then click on create filter with this search
  • Apply the action for your filter such as skip the inbox, Marks as read, Star it, Apply the labels, Forward it, delete it, never send it to spam, Always mark it important, Never mark it important,  Categorize as
  • Now finally click on create filter

How to Remove Already Created Filter From Gmail:

  • Open Gmail account and go to the settings
  • Go to the filter and blocked address tab.
  • Now select the filter that you want to remove
  • Click on delete it
  • Click ok

Further if you have any troubles arises in add and remove filter in Gmail just contact Google Gmail support helpline number and get the quickest support and solution for your existing problem.


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