What is Automatic Vacation Responder in Gmail? How Do I Setup or Utilize Auto Vacation Responder in My Gmail Account?


Are you using internet? If you are internet user then no doubt you must have atleast one Gmail account. It have a huge benefit in mailing services, it takes care all our needs such as emailing features, chat features, contacts and data storage features, offline access, imap and pop features to get mail to another account, 2 step verification for Gmail privacy and security and many more.

To synchronize with other user there are mailing list, canned response, grant access to your account permission, automatic vacation responder, etc given to user.  This is hidden features to user but very effective to group messages, share our inbox, auto reply messages, blah blah blah between our contacts.

What is Automatic Vacation Responder?

In a Gmail automatic vacation responder is a tool that informs our contacts on behalf of you about reason of not available this time. it sends automatic reply to incoming messages, if a contacts send you several messages, This automated reply sent atmost once every 4 days.

How to Utilize Auto Vacation Responder in My Gmail Account:

Auto vacation responder easily replies to our contacts while we are not available. It save other time that may taken in ponder for why I am not able to get in touch and all friend notify by reason of unavailability.  This is very simple to setup auto vacation responder in our Gmail account. below there are all steps that taken in setup. if you interested in setup automatic vacation responder just use below guidelines.

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Go to the Gmail account settings
  • In General tab find vacation responder, it given in bottom.
  • By default vacation responder is off, make it on
  • Choose first day, last day from calendar
  • Give the heading of automatic vacation responder
  • Now enter your vacation responder message that sent to your contacts list or friend list.

If you want to sent automatic vacation responder to only your contacts then check option only send a response to people in my contacts.

Finally click save changes to activate the settings.

 This is the simple process to obtain and utilize auto vacation responder. For any reason if you have any troubles in doing it or need a expert professional solution contact Gmail customer service online support number and get solution.


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