How to Block and Unblock Any Email Address From Our Gmail Mail Account Quickly?


We all are aware with Email, This is the fastest way to communicate with our friend, family, other across web. Even email becomes the part of marketing strategy to promote our product to end user. Each day a new email reaches to our inbox. So we have seen lots of emails to our inbox. This emails categories to primary, social, promotional, etc.

Over internet Gmail by Google is frequently used web mail. There is large number of email user  belongs to Gmail and each day most of sign up done for Gmail account. If you are not Gmail member you can go to and create an account for Gmail. But if you are already a member then you seen various emails to your inbox. If some emails are none of your business then you can easily delete it from Gmail account.

But if you are finding some email address that continuously sending  emails to you and that is useless to you or newsletter or promotional emails then deleting messages is not enough, you will get again and again messages from that email address. To stop email from that address you can block the user so when email arrived to your inbox it doesn’t seen to your inbox and it automatically diverted to your spam folder.

How to Block an Email Address from My Gmail Account:

It’s very simple to block the email address in our Gmail account. to block the user just open the messages and click to more and select email address from list. Below shown, all steps involving in how to block an email address from Gmail.

  • Open Gmail account
  • Open receiving email address that you wish to block
  • Click on more just given right to reply
  • Choose block address from open list

How to Unblock Blocked email address from Gmail:

If you want to unblock blocked email address then you can carry on, it can be unblock through Gmail setting filter and blocked address. so just open it and select email address that you want to unblock.

  • Open Gmail account
  • Go to the Gmail settings
  • Go to the filters and blocked addresses
  • Select email address
  • Click unblock selected email addresses.

For any troubles just contact Gmail customer service toll free number and get solution.


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