Complete Solution How to Compose New Messages with My Gmail Account?


The main purpose of creating an email account to establish communication and conversation. To obtain there are large number of mailing client available on internet but Gmail is the user first choice. It carry a billions of active member with us and the many people have their personal account it. if someone not have Gmail account yet then they simply register on Gmail and take all benefits of Gmail.

In a Gmail all receiving email stored in inbox and for creating new messages there are option of composes email. it given top left  corner with red rectangle with inside name compose. if someone don’t know how to compose an email with Gmail then they can take below guidelines to make their first messages to their friends, family or others.

How to Compose a New messages with My Gmail Account Easy solution

To make a new email messages with your Gmail account first sign in to your Gmail account and simply click compose button and fill receiver name in to, sub for your email, messages in body part and finally click send button but there are also various option such as cc, bcc, attach files, etc. Gmail provide these option to send email to many people, attach and upload multimedia file, uload photo etc. Below there are detail information about it.

  • Open Gmail account
  • Click on compose button, a red rectangle box given in top left corner
  • Fill the open box to create your ask following information :
  1. To : Write the email address of your mail receiver.
  2. Cc: Write the email address of many people and all people known this mail also forwarded to x,y,z.
  3. Bcc : Write the email address of those person to hide detail delivery information of other person from them.
  4. Sub : write subject of your email to show purpose of your email or inside messages heading (option)
  5. A (formatting option): This is formatting option to bold italic, underline, Text color, Alignment, etc. of your messages
  6. Attach files: this is used to attach word, excel, ppt or other multimedia file with your email.
  7. Insert files using Google : This option provided to obtain and attach files from your Google drive.
  8. Insert photo : This option provide to send some jpg or png pic with your email.
  9. Insert link : This option provided to insert some web address  or email address with your email.
  10. Insert Emoji : This option provide to insert emoji within your messages.
  11. Discarded draft : This option discard your email to deliver and it move to your draft folder.
  • Now finally click send to deliver your messages to recipient.

For any troubles take help of Gmail specialist on Gmail customer service contact number and get instant solution of your problem.


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