How to Find Our Sending, Receiving, Deleted, Archive etc. Emails in Gmail?


Fetching our email is not a tough job, if you have proper knowledge of various Gmail categories that provided by Gmail and what the role of these category in Gmail. These categories are inbox, started, sent mail, drafts, important, chats, all mail, spam and trash.

What is the purpose of Various Gmail labels? How to find sending, receiving, deleted, archive emails in Gmail?

Gmail provide many label such as inbox, started, sent mail, drafts, important, chats, all mail, spam and trash. These label categories have their own specific role. If someone know about these mail category that can easy check their email. Below there are brief description of these mail. It help user to understand their Gmail account.

Inbox: in a Gmail inbox category provide storage of all incoming email. if someone send us email to our email address then it storage in our inbox folder. Basically it also categories in three field primary, social and promotional.

Started:  This show all started email in Gmail, In all incoming emails, if you have started some emails then it shown on started field. Making some email Started, make them easy to find our email in started filed.

Sent mail: if we email someone and it is successfully delivered to the recipient address then our delivered messages store in the sent mail.

Drafts : All unsuccessful deliver message store in the draft folder and it also store compose messages that we don’t forwarded yet and saved it to further delivery.

Important: it shows all our email that receive to our inbox and it also show some messages that exist in Gmail sent. Even if we marked some email as important then it also show on important folder.

Chats:  In chats all chat related messages or someone invite you to chat or someone accept your chat invitation shown to chat.

All Mail: It shown all archive Gmail messages to all mail. If you archive some messages and don’t know where my email is is then you can click to all mail label and get your archived messages.

Spam: In Gmail if someone messages you and it is recognize by Gmail as spam or there are spam content on this messages then messages forwarded to spam folder. So all spam messages shown on spam folder.

Trash : In Gmail if you deleted some messages or deleted your important messages accidentally then it temporarily store on trash folder and further user get 30 day to get recover their email again otherwise your messages get deleted permanently.

Again if you have troubles in fetching your email or not finding important emails just take a help of Gmail phone support number and get instant remedy of your troubles.


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