1-8662169587 Forwarding And POP/IMAP Settings Quick Steps How to Forward Incoming Gmail Messages to Another Email Address?


In a email service Gmail is big name. it is widely used, absolutely free web mail account over internet. There are billions of active member and another interesting thing about Gmail is there are a large number of its user who carry two or more Gmail account. so for a user benefits there are feature of add account to instant open another Gmail account without leaving previous email account and we can add account again for more Gmail account opening.

Add account is simple process to keep track other email with already opened your primary mail account but  to user benefits there are a exciting features of forwarding and pop/imap to forward a copy of incoming messages to another email address. so user keep track their both account messages in single account open or your primary mail open. Below there are simple procedure to how to forward a copy of incoming messages to another email address.

 How to Forward A Copy of Incoming Gmail Messages to Another Mail Address From My Gmail Account :

Let you have to forward abc@gmail.com incoming messages to xyz@gmail.com or any other email address such as outlook, yahoo or any other. So simple enable and add address of another account in Gmail forwarding and POP/IMAP settings and check forward a copy of incoming mail to xyz@gmail.com. Below there are all procedure that describe how to use pop/imap setting to forward incoming messages to another address.

  • Since you have to forward abc@gmail incoming message to another address so first open abc account
  • Go to the settings of abc
  • Now go to forwarding and POP/IMAP tab  and simply add xyz@gmail.com to add a forwarding address
  • Finally go to save changes.
  • Now one verification message from Gmail team sent to your xyz account so simply open xyz
  • Now copy the confirmation code
  • Click the provided link to confirm
  • Now sign out xyz
  • Again open abc account
  • Go to the forwarding and pop/ imap
  • Paste code to provided box and complete the verification process.
  • Now check  forwarding a copy of incoming messages to xyz@gmail.com
  • Finally click on save changes.
  • Now if you got any email to abc account, it automatically forwarded a copy of incoming messages to xyz account.

This is the very simple procedure to forward a copy of incoming messages to another address from my Gmail account. if you got any troubles in doing it or need a live support and solution just contact Gmail customer service landline number and get instant solution for your troubles.


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