How to Compose and Send Group Messages or Private Messages Using Gmail Mailing List?


Compose new messages with Gmail account is piece of cake, within a movement we compose new messages and deliver it to recipient address. But when we have to compose same messages to large number of contact without any shortcut then we have to copy and paste same messages again and again and it is time consuming and irritating job for any Gmail.

Gmail mailing list makes such type of work very easily. To make mail through Gmail mailing list account holder have to add all receiver contacts and select all contacts then finally compose their messages for group and within a movement same messages forwarded and deliver to all selected contacts.

How to Compose and Send Group Messages Using Gmail Mailing List

It’s very simple to compose and send email through Gmail mailing list. We have to first add contacts, add all member of group then select all contacts and finally compose our messages to the group and send messages then within a movement all group members notify by your messages. Below their all simple steps to create and send messages or group messages through mailing list.

  • Go to the Gmail sign in and open your Gmail account
  • Then go  to the contacts parts of Gmail
  • Go to the old version of Gmail
  • Add contact, add all members of your group messages
  • Now select all group members
  • Then Click on email
  • Immediately a new email compose box open for you
  • Finally compose your group messages and click on send button for messages forwarding and delivery
  • Now your messages delivered to all group messages.

To compose a group messages or private messages, above process are very simple and easy. This is simple way to using Gmail mailing list in group messages but if you have any difficulties in How to make Gmail mailing list just connect with Gmail customer care phone support member and get solution.


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