How to Recover If I Unable to Sign In My Gmail ID Due to Gmail Account Hacked or Compromised?


Gmail account hacked or compromised means someone illegally access your Gmail account. Once they get access your account they can do anything with your account. They may read your all emails and get your all document, read you secret chat conversation, make some fraud messages with your account, change your password, alternate email address, security question answer, whatever he/she wants to do and impact on your losses can be physically, mentally and economically.

So called hackers may be your friend, your beloved, your enemy or others. So to protect yourself by these hackers you must be careful to not sharing your password with any one and check last account activity details of your Gmail account. it show access type, location, date/time. if you found here unknown ip. It means someone illegally access your Gmail account so just change your Gmail account password and make a new strong password with alpha numeric character.

Unfortunately you are unable to sign in your Gmail account then you can use Gmail password recovery page for reset your Gmail account once again. if you don’t have any recovery option then you can go with Gmail password recovery forum to get reset your Gmail account after identify your identify. It takes two or three days to verify your identify. After that you get an option for create a new Gmail password.

If your Gmail account compromised but Recovery Phone number, alternate email id, security answer, etc. are remain same, Use below option :

  • Open
  • Enter your email address that you wish to recover
  • Click on more option
  • Enter the last password you remember using with this Gmail account
  • Don’t know then try another way
  • Verify your account using phone verification
  • Choose text or phone call to get verification code
  • Enter code on provided box, if code is absolutely right you get an option to create password.
  • Now create a new strong password for your Gmail account.

If your account hacked and all recovery option such as phone number, email address, security answer changed, use below option :

  • Open
  • Enter email address
  • Go to the more option
  • Choose try another way and reach to when you created this account
  • Enter an email for conversation
  • An email with verification code was sent to your provided email address
  • Enter the verification code, If code is ok you get an option to create a new password
  • So now create a new strong password for your Gmail account and confirm password
  • Finish steps

If you have any troubles in recovery stolen or compromised Gmail account, just contact Gmail customer support specialist and get the awesome support for all kind of Gmail sign in issues.


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