How Much You Know Gmail? Get 15 Best Gmail Features or Tips and Tricks of Gmail That Makes You More Effective


I think almost all internet user have atleast one Gmail account. But the how much they know Gmail. To become a smart user you must know the best tips and tricks of Gmail that makes you more effective and innovative. Get to know 15 Best features of Gmail and know how much Gmail help you in your mailing service.

How Much You Know Gmail? 15 Best Gmail Features or Tips and Tricks That Makes you More Effective.

Gmail provide a large number of functionality for its user that fulfills your all kind of wishes regarding email. If you know these features well then you can do your messages more easily and smartly .

1. Undo Send:

The undo send features of Gmail help you to recall your sent messages again within a fix time period. This feature becomes very effective when you have sent wrong messages to recipient or you have sent your messages to wrong recipient. Just undo sent and do changes in your messages and sent again.

2. Preview Pane:

Preview pane feature is used to get preview of messages without opening the messages. it can be obtain in your Gmail account through Gmail lab features and you have to enable the preview pane for your Gmail inbox.

3. Gmail Label:

Create new label for your account. So you can store specific emails into it even you can create filter for automatically move specific messages into that label.

4. Keyboard shortcut:

In a Gmail there are also features of keyboard shortcut, this help user to easily open, compose and sent messages. it saves your extra time that taken in reaching to your inbox messages, compose messages and sent messages, etc. it can be obtain from Gmail settings general tab then you have to enable keyboard shortcut.

5. Gmail offline:

Get install Gmail offline features from Gmail settings offline tab to fetch upto last cached messages while you last connected with internet. This feature basically help user to reach to Gmail inbox messages while they don’t have internet connection.

6. Gmail desktop notification:

Gmail desktop notification helps you to get the notification of incoming Gmail messages on your browser while you are busy with another tab. These features help you to instant reach to your inbox while a new message arises in your Gmail account. This features can be obtain from Gmail settings general tab.

7. Move specific messages to your Primary prompt:

In a Gmail there are basically primary, social, promotional, category in Gmail , if you want to get your  specific social messages to primary inbox just move that messages to the primary prompt so next time you will get all the new messages in your primary field.

8. Grant Access:

If you want to give the access of your inbox to another user then you can use Gmail grant features from Gmail settings forwarding and POP/Imap and give the email address of another user. The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to share your username and password with other and you can also limit the access of another user.

9. POP/IMAP  to Forward a copy of new messages to another email address:

If you want to forward a copy of incoming message to another email address also then you can use Pop/Imap configuration for another email address so when a new messages reach to your inbox, a copy of messages also forward to another email address too. This feature can be obtain from Gmail settings forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and configure another account.

10. Create Filter:

Create filter for specific word, email address, sub so all incoming messages with specific search automatic diverted to the specific folder. It can also be use to don’t see your messages in your primary inbox and it automatically move to trash folder.

11. Mailing List:

Gmail mailing list help user to forward messages to all group members. So one single compose messages automatically forwarded to all group member. It save your time that taken in copy and paste same messages again and again for while you have to sent this messages to many people. It can obtain and configure from Gmail contacts.

12. Canned Response:

If you need to send similar email responses to many people then you can use canned response from Gmail settings lab features and you have to just create a single reply messages for all user. So all member get replied with same messages automatically.

13. Vacation responder:

Vacation responder in Gmail setting general tab help you to inform all you contacts that you are not available in during that specific date. So your contacts don’t ponder for you why you are not using your Gmail.

14. Email Archive:

If you have to delete multiple messages then you can use Gmail archive features better than delete so it don’t see in your inbox but when someone reply your messages it start showing in your inbox. It kept in separate folder, called archive folder. If you have to see your archive messages then you can use all mail labels in your Gmail account then you can see the archive messages.

15. Restore Contacts:

In a Gmail there are restore contact features to restore all deleted contacts during a specific period and with the custom settings. It can be obtain in Gmail contacts then click to restore contacts. Then all deleted messages recover again.

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