I Need to Change My Gmail Password, How Can I Change My Old Gmail ID Password?


Gmail provide a strong layer of security to its user regarding protect our Gmail account. But this security option must be obtain in your Gmail account. For any reason if you could not apply these security option then the first major action taken by you is to don’t share your username and password with anyone. If some know your Gmail password or you have shared your password with anyone then immediately change your Gmail password.

Gmail provide a simple procedure to change your Gmail password but when you are going to change your Gmail password then you must be careful on some point such as your password must be made with alpha numeric or mix character and your password length must be atleast 8 character long and never share your password with anyone means anyone.

Need to Change Gmail Password, How can I change my Gmail account password:

There are various options through which we can simply change my Gmail password but the most popular way of change Gmail password is change Gmail password using Gmail website but it can also done using my account website and through android devices too.

Create a new password or Change Gmail password through Gmail website:

  • Open your Gmail account with your email address and current password
  • Go to the Gmail settings
  • Now Go to account and import and click change password
  • Again login to your Gmail account
  • Now it provide option to create password
  • Make a new password (for stronger security use alpha numeric character)
  • Confirm password
  • Now click change password.

Change Gmail password using my account google :

  • Hit the url https://myaccount.google.com on your browser
  • Now click sign in to Google  then  sign in with your username and current password.
  • Then go to password and sign in method
  • Then click password last changed  >
  • Again sign in to your Gmail account
  • Now give new password for your Gmail
  • Confirm password
  • And finally click change password.

Change Gmail password using your android phone

  • Tap your phone settings
  • Tap Google
  • Now tap sign in security
  • Tap password
  • Again login, this is just process of continue and verify
  • Now give a new password for your Gmail account
  • Confirm password
  • Tab change password to finish step.

For any troubles just contact Google gmail support number and get instant solution of your issues.


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