How to Obtain Gmail Desktop Notification or New Mail Notification On Service for My Gmail Account


We all are using Google chrome from web browser, it provide tabbed features to user so its user have facility to open or work with multiple task so user open various tab and do various task so in one tab Gmail is open, in another tab other thing is open and third tab some other things is open  and so on so if a Gmail user busy with other tab then at exact time you get new messages in your Gmail account. This is important for you but you did not see that because there is no notification alarm enabled in your Gmail account. to avoid this situation Google provide Gmail desktop notification features to user. This help user to get notification beep sound so they immediately understand there are new messages reaches in your Gmail account.

 In a Gmail its very easy to obtain an intelligent features of Gmail desktop notification. It can be retrieve through Gmail settings and then we have to go Gmail desktop notification. It is currently turn off since by default Gmail desktop notification is turn off. so we have to make it enable or turn it on to enable.

How to Obtain Gmail Desktop Notification or New Mail Notification On Service for My Gmail Account :

It’s very simple to obtain or enable Gmail desktop notification. To make it enable just go to Gmail settings and find Gmail desktop notification option in general tab. By default it is disabled so make it enable to turn on. Below there are all procedure that help you to enable Gmail desktop notification in your Gmail account.

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Go to the Gmail settings option
  • Now in General tab there are a Gmail desktop notification so reach to Gmail desktop notification
  • By default Gmail desktop notification is turn off so check radio button new mail notification on.
  • Now go to the bottom of page and click save changes.

If you are new for Gmail or having troubles in doing it just take help of Gmail professionals support and solution to get the best technical guidance and support for Gmail desktop notification or other any problems and get instant solution of your issues by the experts easily.


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