Setup Gmail Account Recovery Options, Add Your Alternate Email and Phone Number for Quick Reset Gmail Account Help?


We all are using Gmail but what will you do when we don’t reach to our Gmail mailbox. Not sign in to our Gmail account. In this situation Gmail account recovery option provide a way to get reach and reset our Gmail account once again. We have seen most of user queries arises for not able to sign in to our Gmail account, user have forgotten or lost their Gmail account, Gmail account compromised. In this situation our phone number, alternate email addresses play a vital role in account recovery.

What are the Benefits of setup Gmail account recovery options for your Gmail account.

Setup Gmail account recovery options, add alternate email address and phone number helps you to get reset your Gmail account once again while you are troubles in Gmail sign in. if you don’t have alternate email address and phone number then Gmail password recovery and reset becomes light tough there might be also possible to lost your account for forever.

How to Setup Gmail Account Recovery Options to Add your Alternate Email Address and Phone Number for your Gmail Account?

For any types of troubles in Gmail sign in, Gmail account recovery option help to reach and reset your Gmail account. We can easily add our email address and phone number for our Gmail account. if you don’t add your alternate email address and phone number for your Gmail account then you can easily setup Gmail account recovery options through Gmail settings and go to the Account and Import  tab and click on change password recovery option. Below step by step procedure to add your email address and phone number for Gmail recovery options.

Open your Gmail account; Reach to the Gmail account settings

Click on account and import tab then

Click Change Gmail password recovery options

In account recovery options, add recovery email and recovery phone number

Finish the adding procedure.

If you have any troubles in Gmail, contact Gmail customer service helpdesk and get the best solution for all kind of Gmail queries.


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