How to Treat, Stop, Prevent And Block Unwanted Spam Emails Reaching to Our Gmail Inbox?


Today email is the simple and best way to establish conversation with any person personally and officially. To communicate someone officially we send a mails to the receiver and Vice versa if someone have to communicate with us they send me the emails on my email id. Since Gmail is the leading email client so mostly people uses Gmail for mailing service. In a Gmail all receiving emails stored in our Inbox. But our emails are also affected by the spam messages so there are also a separate spam folder in our Gmail inbox. It carries all spam related messages into it.

So far as spam messages is concern, it is the senseless, irrelative and unsolicited messages that sent over internet to purpose of advertising, phishing, and malware activity that could harm the user by installing malicious items on our computer, it slow down our computer performance, theft our credential information, etc so its very necessary to don’t open the irrelevant message, if you by mistake open it so don’t click any link provided into it.

How to Treat and Prevent Spam Emails- Best Guidelines:

  • Before opening any email you must have to check who the sender of received messages
  • Avoid clicking any links given with receiving emails.
  • Spam emails are usually senseless messages so check the spelling
  • If some emails contains the word you won the prize and saying the claim the won prizes. This is spam so don’t process the claim.
  • Never give your email address online
  • Don’t keep the username same as your email address
  • Never respond to any spam messages.
  • Make your email address unscannable

How to Block Spam Emails in Gmail:

Above guidelines helps you to prevent spam messages but If you want to block received spam messages then you can also use below steps. It easily block spam messages in Gmail so in future you don’t get any emails from that users.

  • Open Gmail account
  • Go to the spam messages
  • Then Go to the spam icons
  • And finally click on report spam

If you don’t wanna see any spam messages in your inbox then go to the spam prompt and simply click the delete option.

This is the simple and best way to treat, prevent and block spam messages. if you have any query or troubles related spam emails just contact Gmail helpline number and get best possible solution by specialist.


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