Why Gmail Won’t Working Neither Sending Nor Receiving Emails With My Iphone?


Email is frequently use in formal communication so our mailing account received emails from various sources ,  On behalf of these sources  it  categories in primary, social and promotional that makes easy to find out our important email. Today If a user doing web browsing then he must have atleast one email account basically Gmail.

Gmail is very simple, secured and absolutely free email services provided by Google so there are billions of active members into it and all keeping their personal account into it. It is also available with Business version for professional. User can also take Gmail business email or Gsuite that provided more features to professional’s user. So Gmail is always is first choices of any user.

People mostly user Gmail through official web pages with computer but it is also access through Gmail App. If a user using there iphone or other phone to email access then he/she download and configure Gmail on their phone and get all notifications on their phone. Your phone automatically syncs new messages while any messages arrived in your Gmail account.

In USA most of people using iphone and another thing most of people having their personal email account on Gmail so they frequently use their Iphone in Gmail email access.  Some time they gets troubles in connecting Gmail with iphone or Gmail neitheir sending nor receiving email with iphone. Then in this situation user have some guidelines to troubleshoot the issues. These Guidelines are.

  • Might be your phone won’t connected with Wifi so check wifi is available or not.
  • Check data connection is or not, On data
  • Slow internet connection, Check the internet speed.
  • Iphone configuration or settings issues, So uninstall Your iphone app, Download new Gmail app. Configure again with your email address.

If problem remains exist  and Gmail won’t work in your Iphone then you can contact with us on Gmail customer support phone number. This is the quick method to get connect with top technical support team of Gmail professionals and get proper and best solution for Gmail issues.


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